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Tooth Extraction
Plano, TX

At McDonald DDS, we always try to save a patient’s tooth and avoid tooth extraction, but sometimes it is just necessary. Whether you have an emergency or the tooth just needs to come out due to an infection or excessive decay, we work with specialists that offer gentle and effective extractions and treatment remedies to help you fix the situation.

Gentle Extractions

We know that getting a tooth pulled can be scary, but we do not want you to be afraid to have the procedure done. Our specialists plenty of experience, gently pulling teeth from the mouths of both children and adults, ensuring a painless procedure with fast healing. We are happy to answer any questions you have before the procedure to ensure your comfort.

The extraction process itself is painless. Starting by numbing the affected areas of your mouth with a topical numbing solution before we administer the anesthetic. This way, you do not even feel the needle when we administer the anesthetic. Once your mouth is numb, our experts remove the tooth. All that you will feel is a little pressure as we remove the tooth and seal the socket. Once we are done, your mouth may feel a little numb for a few hours, but you can go about your normal routine shortly after that.

The Risk of Dry Socket

Many people worry about the side effects or risks of tooth extraction, but our dentists take all necessary precautions to avoid them. One common issue that patients face, though, is dry socket. When a blood clot does not form, the jawbone becomes exposed. It can be painful and risky, but our dentists know how to handle the situation right away. If you experience a dry socket, call us immediately, and we will dress the area with a sedative to treat the area.

Luckily, less than 5 percent of patients experience dry socket, so it is not something that you should let get in your way should you need a tooth extraction. Typically, leaving the infected or affected tooth in place and avoiding the extraction poses a greater danger than the extraction itself.

Other Risks of Tooth Extraction

Like any other dental procedure, there are some minimal risks you may face with tooth extraction, such as an infection or bleeding profusely. Our specialists know the signs to watch for, and can help you, should you experience any side effects, and will give you detailed instructions on the aftercare and help you understand what signs to watch for should anything occur.

Dealing with Impacted Teeth

Sometimes a simple tooth extraction is not enough. If your tooth is impacted, which means stuck under the gumline, you may need a surgical extraction. While this procedure is more invasive, it is a minor procedure that will remove an infected tooth, reducing the risk of other issues occurring as a result of the infection.

We conduct extractions for a variety of procedures, including dental implants or same day dentures, to name a few.

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At McDonald DDS, we always try to save a patient's tooth and avoid tooth extraction, but sometimes it's necessary to maintain your oral hygiene. Learn more here!
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