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Plano, TX

Patient from McDonald DDS putting in a clear nighttime mouthguard in Plano, TXIf you wake up with an aching jaw or constant headaches in the morning, you may be grinding your teeth at night. If left untreated, serious damage could occur to your overall oral health. You may even lose your natural teeth. At McDonald DDS, we help stop the damage that grinding your teeth causes with our nighttime mouthguards, a form of preventative dentistry.

The Benefits of Wearing a Nighttime Mouthguard

We know that it is not a pleasant thought to think about wearing a nighttime mouthguard, but it helps protect your teeth. If you continue grinding your teeth, it could affect your smile and even your ability to chew. Grinding your teeth eats away at the enamel on your front teeth, and it can cause your back teeth to wear down small enough that they do not even look like teeth. Suddenly smiling, talking, and eating can become quite the chore.

A nighttime mouthguard preserves the health of your teeth, enabling you to avoid invasive restorative dental procedures in the future. If you leave your teeth unprotected, you may need dental crowns or tooth replacement in the near future. However, when you protect your teeth and stop the grinding, you help keep your teeth in good condition and avoid excessive dental procedures.

Our nighttime mouthguards fit your teeth snugly and help protect your teeth the way they need it. You do not have to worry about trying out a one-size-fits-all mouthguard that may or may not fit right. Our dentists take a mold of your teeth and send it to our lab. The technicians then create a mouthguard that fits your mouth perfectly, making it feel like it is a natural part of your mouth. With proper care, your mouthguard can last for many years.

Our nighttime mouth guards are easy to take care of too. When you brush your teeth at night, brush your mouthguard too – make it a part of your regular habit. This eliminates any bacteria or debris that may have accumulated in the mouthguard while you were sleeping. That is all it takes to care for your mouthguard from our office.

Wearing the Mouthguard

Like we said above, we know it takes some getting used to wearing a mouthguard, but we make it easy on you. Our dentists will walk you through the process of breaking yourself into wearing the mouthguard on a nightly basis.

Typically, we recommend that you put the mouthguard in right before you climb into bed. This way, you do not have it in for long when you are awake. As your mouth gets used to the mouthguard as you sleep, it will become habit to wear it and preserve the integrity of your teeth.

Our nighttime mouthguards preserve the integrity of your teeth. If your partner complains of your teeth grinding, or you wake up feeling unrested, talk to us about your options. Call McDonald DDS at (469) 649-0699 to learn how we can help you put an end to grinding your teeth and help you preserve your beautiful smile. Get your appointment today.
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