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Rendering of removable partial denture at McDonald DDS in Plano, TXOne of the most common ways to replace missing teeth is with dentures. At McDonald DDS, we offer both complete and partial dentures to help replace your missing teeth. We can help you decide which option suits your needs the most, showing you the pros and cons of each appliance and how they may affect your oral health.

The Types of Dentures

Partial and complete dentures are two different appliances. Partial dentures help when you have a few missing teeth in a row. Unlike a dental bridge, you can remove partial dentures, which some patients prefer. They want the relief of moving the teeth, but enjoy the stability that partial dentures provide as they keep your other healthy teeth from shifting over to take up the empty space.

If you lose all of your teeth in an arch (top or bottom) complete dentures can replace them effectively. After we extract all teeth in either arch, we give your mouth time to heal. Each patient differs in the time they need, but it usually averages between eight and twelve weeks. Once your gum tissues heal and can accept dentures, we can create the mold to create your full dentures restoring full function to your mouth.

What are Your Limitations?

Many people worry about the limitations that dentures cause. While we recognize the value of keeping your natural teeth, we pride ourselves in providing top quality dentures that can give you full functionality.

We do caution our patients to avoid excessively hard or sticky foods, but other than that, you should be able to restore your normal function, but it may take a few weeks to a few months to get there. It may take a little while to get used to the dentures. We do suggest that you wear them as often as possible to get your mouth used to them. Removing the dentures at night, though, gives your mouth the reprieve it needs from the dental appliance.

Our dentists are great at discussing all aspects of dentures with you so that you are 100% comfortable with your new appliance.

A Perfect Fit

You can trust that the dentures you receive from our dentists are a perfect fit. We work closely with our lab, providing them with detailed impressions of your mouth for both partial and full dentures. The appliance the lab creates is specifically for you. It takes into considerations all aspects of your mouth and ensures complete comfort.

At your fitting appointment, Dr. McDonald and our staff take their time making sure you are completely comfortable with the appliance. We will make adjustments as necessary and always welcome you in for appointments for further adjustments should anything come up down the road.

We are the experts in both partial and complete dentures, helping you to get the most out of your appliance that helps you replace your missing teeth and helping you take care of your dentures.

Other Options

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At McDonald DDS, we offer both complete and partial dentures to help replace your missing teeth, and we can help you decide which option is best. Learn more here!
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