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Denture Care Plano, TX

Older Black couple after getting dentures at McDonald & Luck DDS in Plano, TXWhen people suffer tooth loss, one of the numerous restorative solutions available for them is the use of dentures. Losing your teeth from accidents or injuries, or even due to aging is not a reason to lose your smile. With dentures, you get the luxury of restoring your smile and most of your oral functions, while enjoying the convenience of taking them off at night. At McDonald & Luck DDS, we help our patients with tooth loss restore their beautiful smiles, as well as bringing back their abilities to chew and talk effectively.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable restorations for patients with missing teeth that give a natural look when placed. They are usually recommended when patients have multiple tooth loss or extractions. Dependent on how many teeth you are missing, you may be required to get one of these denture types. Complete dentures are required for patients without a complete row of teeth. They are designed to rest on your gums. Partial dentures are required for patients who want to replace fewer missing teeth. They are designed to be attached to the natural teeth that are present in the mouth. Both types are entirely functional and require to be taken care of.

How To Care For Our Dentures

Since we use them the same way we use our natural teeth, dentures require to be cleaned and taken care of. Ignoring to care for them because they are artificial is wrong, and can lead to a deterioration of their condition. Plaque and bacteria get on dentures too, so cleaning and caring for them reduces the risk of bad breath and oral diseases for its user. Moreover, caring for our dentures ensures their longevity as well as their functionality inside our mouths which are different from dental implants. Since proper oral hygiene contributes to good overall health, here are a few ways to care for your dentures.

Proper Usage and Handling

Dentures should be handled with care. They should be taken off before going to bed, and they should be placed in warm water or a denture solution. Avoid placing them in hot water as this can alter the material. You should not use sharp objects or abrasive cleaning supplies on your dentures. Also, you will do your dentures more good by abstaining from teeth whitening or bleaching products. The materials used for the artificial teeth cannot be whitened, so the use of these products can only weaken your dentures.

Denture Cleaning

You will be required to clean your dentures just as you clean your natural teeth. It is ideal to remove and rinse them after meals. If you have not kept up good oral hygiene before your dentures, it is best you pick up on them now. You should brush your gums, your natural teeth, your tongue, and the roof of your mouth before placing your dentures. To clean your dentures, use the prescribed cleanser and brush for your dentures. Your dentures should be cleaned at least once a day. To ensure that everything remains in top shape, you will be required to keep up regular dental exams. This will help us check your oral health and see if the dentures are not becoming loose.

To learn more about getting dentures please reach out to us at McDonald & Luck DDS today at (469) 649-0699 to schedule an appointment.
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