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Things That Could Discolor Your Teeth Outside of the Common Reasons
Posted on 1/30/2020 by McDonald Office
We all know that coffee and tobacco can stain your teeth. That's been a well-known fact for decades. However, there are other things that stain your teeth as well- and some of them are a little surprising. Keep reading for more information about unusual things that stain your teeth. Berries Berries are amazing for your teeth. They provide all sorts of great vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, berries, especially the dark red, blue or black berries can stain your teeth. In fact, many states used the dye of berries to stain the clothes. To prevent berries from staining your teeth, be sure and brush your teeth after you eat them. Soft Drinks Not only do soft drinks damage your teeth over time, but they can also make it easier to stain your teeth. That's because soft drinks contain acids that can cause bacteria to stain your teeth. Be sure that you limit your soft drinks. If you have to cut back on sodas, your teeth will thank you. Pomegranates You probably know that pomegranates stain your clothes and stain tablecloths, but did you know that pomegranates stain your teeth as well? Just like with other berries, you need to brush your teeth right after you eat them to prevent them from staining your teeth. Medication There are some medicines that can stain your teeth. For example, there are some chemotherapy medications that discolor your teeth. These medications can turn your teeth gray or brown. Some antibiotics also can stain your teeth. Be sure and ask your doctor about the possibility of teeth staining before you begin the treatment. Do you have questions about how medication and food can stain your teeth? We can help! Give us a call teeth, and let us talk to you about ways you can keep your teeth white and sparkly....

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